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Carol Lynn Grellas
Cantata Heard by the Dead

Once in the hush of dimness, when you were
sleeping─ I whispered the tale of how we met,

obliged to serendipity and chance, the moon
splashed its beam across the wall

anointing covers with harlequin glory
I cupped your hand in mine until your fingers

folded one by one carefully through me
and I felt the rise and fall of your breath

through the rhythm of your heart like a human
metronome keeping time. I saw your face

dance through a musical nimbus
everything a transparent shade of amber.

There was a moment I forgot about breathing,
our bodies floated through the ceiling, past

the highest eucalyptus outside the half-lit
window. You spoke in a dream-voice,

the scent of myrtle everywhere.

Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas is a seven-time Pushcart nominee as well as a four-time Best of the Net nominee. She is the 2012 winner of the Red Ochre Press Chapbook contest with her manuscript Before I Go to Sleep. She has authored several chapbooks along with her latest full-length collection of poems: Hasty Notes in No Particular Order, newly released from Aldrich Press Her work has appeared in a wide variety of online and print magazines including: The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, Poets and Artists, War, Literature and the Arts and many more. According to family lore she is a direct descendant of Robert Louis Stevenson. www.clgrellaspoetry.com

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