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Poems By Carol Lynn Grellas
I Said it in The Silence

I said it in the silence
when the air felt thin
when the light was low
and so was I

I said it in the hour
when there was no will
when the breath was slow
and so was I

I said it in the madness
when no one heard
when the chaos killed it
and so did I

I said it to the window
when answers left
and glass stood between us
and so did I

Carol Lynn Grellas is a Northern California-based writer. She attended Santa Clara University where she was an English and Art major. She has had numerous poems appear in magazines and online journals, including most recently, The Oasis Ezine and The Oasis Online, Las Cruces for Poets and Writers, Munyori Poetry Journal, Words on Paper, The Pregnant Moon Review, Moondance, Dogzplot and Twilight Musings Anthology. She has poems forthcoming in, MSU Great Falls Literary Guild, The Storyteller Magazine and The Verse Marauder. She has one book published titled, I'm Packing Things for Heaven. She lives with her husband, five children, and a blind dog named Ginger, who inspire much of her poetry.

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