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Poems By Anne Fraser



through a paper bag,
through an open mouth.

I have become
a circle receding,
white light
through the iris
of an eye,

and you,
who have taken
so much
of my life,

know that I
have become
the sun,
and you
the blind.


Beneath the Branches

An afternoon,
a drink to share;
ripe fruit,
a taste suspended
at the back
of the mouth;

above them,
winds pause
to consider shadows
of entangled leaves
that dot the grass
like ragged
and move on -

his breath
across her belly,
slowing releasing
the peach
from her hand.

Electric Acorn September 2003 (Published in substantially the same

Anne Fraser lives in Seattle and has been writing since 2002. Her poems have most recently appeared online with "Wicked Alice", "V.L.Q.", "Pulse", "Lily", "The Raven Chronicles", "The Book of Remembrance", "The Red River Review" and the "Blue Fifth Review". Anne is among those poets whose work is featured in the online anthology "A Passage Through August".



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