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Poems By K. Eltinae



Arrayed on a glittering tray,
I greeted your smart-suited guests,
You didn't recognize me at first,
I was blushing so hard.
Disguised in a way,
You'd never seen me before,
I watched your delicate mouth form baloon greetings,
As you laughed off the rumors about our affair.

Reaching for a slice, you were unprepared for my reaction,
I had never surrendered in the time we had loved.
Thick veins of Passion erupted in your mouth,
Bathing acid between teeth, as you assembled your smile.

Your teeth were old veterans,
Nostalgic for action,
But your stomach alerted,
Your feet to the door.

Sponges absorb your blood like a liver,
The tidy incisions make delightful proud halves.
No one suspects it is you in the kitchen,
No one has heard our heaving and pitching.

I present your transparent heart,
As a jellyfish delicacy.
Surrounded by pools of grape fruit, herbs and salt,
But you return to me untouched by your guests,
More conscious of your faults.
Your hysteria excites me,
It arouses my apetite,
I promise to keep you safe forever,
In a place I'll know is right.

K. Eltinať is a twenty-two year old poet from Sudan, who has been writing from a young age. He has been recognized mostly for poetry, but is currently working on a novel titled "The Allumeuse" a masked autobiography, about accepting change and realizing self worth. Previous poems that have appeared in Chantarelle's Notebook have been taken from his latest anthology titled "Identity Crisis" which is being published as the only anthology written in English by a Sudanese writer, as part of the Khartoum Capital of Arabic Culture (2005) Publications.



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