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Poems By Karen Douglass

Naked Faith

Avoiding the heat of day and of home,
with its yapping and yelling, she retreats
into the bookstore to surround herself
with wisdom and the cool sound
of strangers, to wrap herself in words like
a variegated pashmina, welcome
in the artificial chill. She believes

their conversation can calm her,
heal her, only to hear from a corner
that documents must be drawn and
signed and money spent. Unguarded,
the voices hop table top to
table top. At the coffee counter
the barista fakes his way through
a new mix of mango ice and coconut.

Magazine covers shout out
a history of mass crimes, the ruin
of another government--not
what she came for. She could leave,
find a creek and shade trees, peel away
these layers of noise, put her faith
in water with no argument or opinion.



Karen Douglass’s books include Red Goddess Poems; Bones in the Chimney (fiction); Green Rider, Thinking Horse (non-fiction); and Sostenuto, (poems) and The Great Hunger (poems), which is available from Plain View Press (2009).

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