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Poems By Yvette Doss



Wait for the next downpour.

Sip rainwater from the leaves

of sympathetic plants –

bougainvilleas, rosebushes,

fragrant star jasmine.


Concentrate on that same

rain-dusted evening

and dare to ask for

the gift of spontaneous flight.


Allow yourself—in your mind’s

eye, to rise and float

above your mother’s loud fight

with Enrique, familiar

sound of indignation, fire.


See your eyes closed inside

their sockets, lids twitching,

there on your same old

threadbare pillowcase,

yellow daisies with pale

green leaves, fading on white.


Rise, feel the ceiling

and terracotta roof tiles

as you pass through them

on your way outside.

They are rough, porous, cold,

but not indifferent

to the unusual affront

of your cells seeping

into them so rudely.

Just passing through—so sorry.


Find yourself hovering

above one of many of

your childhood homes.

See your house, the driveway.

Fly to the street, land

on asphalt, let it prick

the soles of your bare feet

as you touch down, with

not a soul in sight,

save your own, set loose.


Open your eyes and find

yourself back in bed,

the sun shining through

sheer curtains of gauzy cream,

in your own bones, now,

in your body, prone.


Rise, brush the asphalt crumbs

from your bed, your feet,

your befuddled teenage mind.

Shower, dress, grab your backpack.

Walk the twenty minutes

to ninth grade, your older

sister, eyes red, tears

still streaming down her cheeks

from a morning slap,

walking, sullen, by your side.


Savor the thought of night flight,

remember the freedom.

Hold it with you and keep

these few instructions

ready for the next flight,

tucked away inside.




Yvette Doss is a graduate student in the M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing at UC Riverside. My non-fiction and essay writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Ms. Magazine, the San Jose Mercury News, and on NPR radio.  My radio essays are available online at:   http://www.npr.org/search/index.php?searchinput=yvette+doss

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