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Poems By Corrine DeWinter



This is the way it goes:.

Your friends turn against you,

Your daughter is a whore.

Jesus stops listening.

Your bones ache as if you’ve just been taken down,

And your money is gone.

Sleep is one of those things you remember,

Like childhood,

But can’t quite seem to re-live.

Dinner is M&M’s, or anything with sugar.

All birds and animals are predators.

A good phone call is a charming young man at your door.

The world is half right when you have,

Hell when you do not

Your past is a dream

And you doubt

That you have ever really lived.

Because right now, you’re dead.





Orange and black,

The Halloween Flight of a monarch

to the expectant Mexican village.

You’ve become ritual,

Falling into place, a puzzle

To memorialize the dead.

In the face of so much death

You are an impossibility

Made possible

You are faith & mystery

Made manifest.





This place

I have made-crowded

With leaves and fairy tales,

And long blonde braids

That capture hummingbirds.

Raspberry and peach,

A divination in your mouth

To stop the world from coming.

You don’t belong here.

You crave the tide, the after-life of

Long dead things.

I cannot bring you into this place-

Too sweet, too green,

And you, being ABLE

to make sense of common things.



Corrine De Winter, nominated four times for the Pushcart Prize, Corrine De Winter's poetry, fiction, essays and interviews have appeared worldwide in publications such as the The New York Quarterly, Imago, Phoebe, Plainsongs, Yankee, Sacred Journey, Interim, The Chrysalis Reader, The Lucid Stone, Fate ,Press, Sulphur River Literary Review, Modern Poetry, The Lyric, Atom Mind, The Writer, The Lyric and over 800 other publications. She has been the recipient of awards from Triton College of Arts & Sciences, Writer's Digest, The Esme Bradberry Award, The Madeline Sadin Award, The Rhysling Award, and has been featured in Poet's Market 1995-2006.

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