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Holly Day

The Consequences of Truth


I miss the birds that used to fly overhead

when my son was small, when we used to sit together

and watch the geese in their honking flocks

through our tiny apartment window in our tiny apartment.

He’d ask me where they were coming from and I’d

make up all the exotic places they’d been

palaces in China where they visited long-dead emperors

stuccoed mosques hiding veiled princesses in the Arabian desert ,

the Moon

until he was old enough to look up

their flight paths himself, knew they were really just coming back

from Florida . It was about that time

he stopped sitting with me

so close, one small hand on my knee, leaning forward

eye wide in perpetual excitement, and it was about that time

I stopped noticing the birds

no matter how loud they were.



Holly Day was born in Hereford, Texas , “The Town Without a Toothache.” She and her family currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she teaches writing classes at the Loft Literary Center . Her published books include the nonfiction books Music Theory for Dummies, Music Composition for Dummies, and Guitar All-in-One for Dummies, and the poetry books “Late-Night Reading for Hardworking Construction Men”(The Moon Publishing) and “The Smell of Snow” (ELJ Publications).


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