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Poems By Lindsay D'Andrea


Peter Pan

we live in fields of copper,
--rust squeezed into
water, into dust—
where the apple tree
is our home.
we collect golden
apples; attach
sun-jeweled necklaces
to our shadows.
we sit upon thrones, inspecting
our browning paradise.
Last silhouettes alive,
swinging from shade and sun.
Apple juice drips down
our fingers, stinging fresh scrapes
as the cores rust with minutes.
we stay shaded and disguised
--immortal—hanging in
our Neverland, lost
until the sun retreats
and the stars crack
in bursts of gunpowder.
so, the blade of the moon
across our necks,
we walk the plank
into wrinkled blue and
reappear as adults:
twigs falling from our hair,
hands still scented with
the snap of youth.


the scene wobbles by
with a smudge of speed.
I take a piece of the flux,
fold it in my fist
to shape with fingertips.

I twist your eyes into spirals,
develop the static
between your fingers
so they fit within mine.
i cast you black and white,
the classic yin-yang:
the texture of your smile
like a crease in my palm.
you stand clearly there
when all else remains

until with an invisible click,
you melt back into
time, your hands
in your pockets,
mine holding the vessel
that helped me possess you
for only a moment.

Sundays At The Mall Fountain

we both
have copper insides,
like the wishes
we collect and slide
into the water's skin.

(they breathe too
quickly and sink
and grow a foreign

while we both
on the surface
of how gracefully
our voices dance against
the ballroom floor
of glass and rust;

how frailly we fall
through the thick arms of hope.

Lindsay D'Andrea is 17 years old and currently resides in South Jersey. She has always been passionate about writing, literature, and editing, and she hopes to one day turn her love into a career. Lindsay is the editor of her school’s literature magazine and has worked hard to restore an appreciation of words to society. As a freshman, she was awarded the school-wide poetry prize.




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