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Poems By Laura Brown


Saving the Ark

I'll remember you
with beaded teeth
and knitted tongue,
how we first came to know
each other's skin,
then the tangled forest
of thought and organs beneath.

Our turning point was that afternoon
when we overdid the red wine
and our faces dripped with tears.

Your lips bloomed with fruits
and every word I sent out
was an urgent dove
to save the ark from sinking;

your eyes swelled into blue bulbs
and planted themselves
in my head.

I realised I could not
stop the grapes on the vine.
They ballooned in huge bunches
heavy with juice
and marred by pips

until time fermented them
back into wine.

You used to say
"I think you're afraid".
Now I understand why,

lip-stained and drunk
on deep crimson memories.

Laura Brown was born in Great Yarmouth in 1984. She has since then studied German and Spanish at Sheffield University and has spent the last year enjoying being a continental darling in Hamburg and Malaga. She doesn't really know what it is that compels her to write, but likes to use her poetic nature as an excuse for tantrums and panic.



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