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April Michelle Bratten
Let Go

You drove us down the countryside
on a dark blue Saturday evening
while I drank casually from a beer.

You kept swatting at my hands,
smacking the color of lightning
away from me,
yelling, Keep that beer down,
and watch for cops!

We are in the middle of the fucking
I yelled back.

I arched my neck,
raised my arm in perfect salute,
and drained the rest of the beer.

Your eyes kept searching
the deserted road,
and thunder ate away the rest.


April Michelle Bratten is a writer currently living in Minot, North Dakota. Her chapbook, Raw Dogs and Other Metaphors, was published by Maverick Duck Press in 2012, and her forthcoming full-length collection, It Broke Anyway, will be released by NeoPoiesis Press in late 2012.

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