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Bob Bradshaw
The Trouble With Dying

My doctor told me the way
she once told me my bill
was overdue.

From that day I could have been a fish
in a tank of water,
the world swirling past me

or like a boy in a bubble,
the world just
outside my reach,
cancer a membrane
that isolated

Platitudes greeted me
from those outside
the membrane.
"You'll be fine.
This too will

and off they swirled
into daily activities
that I was

The world extended
little beyond
my shrinking body.
I might as well have lay
on an ice floe
in a warming


Bob Bradshaw is a huge admirer of the Rolling Stones. Mick may not be gathering moss, but Bob is. He longs for retirement and a hammock. Previous work of his can be found at Cha, Eclectica, Loch Raven Review, Pedestal, QLRS, Stirring and other publications.

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