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Poems By Nicole Borg



At eight, I wanted to be

you– blue-eyed and blonde-

haired– you wore stylish

clothes, drove fast cars, had

all the accessories. Your

long legs were sexy

in short skirts, your feet

were made for heels. I studied

you, with a young girl’s

appreciative eye, imagining

your nipple-less breasts

giving shape to my

loose shirts, curves to my

straight body. Your sex was

smooth, unformed– I didn’t

understand– you were barren

even then. You had

everything– the Corvette

and the Dream House,

a steady boy and rich

friends. I thought

you had everything

a girl could want.

Every thing.



Nicole Borg is an ex-English teacher, poet, and fiction writer. Her work has appeared in Dust & Fire, Main Channel Voices and Green Blade. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, Yoga and daydreaming of writing. She lives in Wabasha, MN on the beautiful Mississippi River with her husband and two year old son.

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