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Poems By Russell Bittner
The Ethos of Capital-isthmus

What pay is this? Some chit now long past due
to get us roundly up and out the door,
to squeeze a measly buck, scratch out the score,
and shuck, to gutted towns, our shell-shocked crew?
Like hell you’ll clear us out and push us through,
demanding, time-cards swiped, we quit the floor
and not – like peevish children – scream for more,
but take our bullied selves elsewhere for brew!
I tell you, China’s coast is far from clear;
and China’s sum of us is no less dim.
So go now – take your cash where it may still
win hearts and minds oblivious of cheer
and will, no doubt, find skillful hands to trim
the scrim of your next threadbare, off-shore thrill.

(Previously published at PW Review, November 2005)

Brooklyn-based, Russell Bittner's poems have been published on paper by: The American Dissident; The Blind Man’s Rainbow; The Lyric; The Barbaric Yawp; The International Journal of Erotica; Wicked Hollow; ∆sthetica; andThe Raintown Review. On-line, you can find his poetry at: Quintessence; ken*again; SpillwayReview; Erotica Readers and Writers; EdificeWrecked; GirlsWithInsurance; ThievesJargon; SalomeMagazine; LauraHird; MadHattersReview; 3a.m.; Dogmatika; Mindfire; ALongStoryShort; OpiumMagazine; SouthernHum; JustusRoux; DifferentVoices; VoidMagazine; PWReview; Zygote in my Coffee; ALittlePoetry; PlumBiscuit; 3rdActs; TheCentrifugalEye; and The Linnet's Wings.

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