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Carol Bird
Pouring Water Down the Sink

on that day papery moths invaded the bathroom beating
their way into the venetian blinds with their brown meshed wings

exhausted, they collected at the bottom of the tub that would not drain
my brother and I poured cups of water down the drain hole

thinking we could drown out their chances of multiplying
downstairs voices talked about life insurance and “the arrangements”

laughter got canned up and stored away like war rations
we defrosted and unwrapped happiness on holiday mornings

I asked for nothing, hoarding self-sufficiency like water in a canteen
after a while it got calmer, quieter and no one mentioned the moths

in my room alone I’d flip through magazines
just to remind myself of what other people lived like

there were the stars with the shimmering blouses cut low
mothers shaped cookie dough into hearts

young women tummy-tucked themselves into lean meat
teenagers in uniforms learned how to shoot in the desert

sometimes I can barely recall a grief that stank like a neglected bathroom

but nobody ever mentions those moths



Carol Bird is a web marketing manager. She enjoys writing in all forms, and her articles have been published in a variety of publications and sites including ModernMom.com, Scene Magazine, The Villager, Women Unlimited, and the Worcester Business Journal. She is currently writing a Young Adult paranormal novel.

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