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Poems By Melissa Beavers

Curious Frontier

The skyline,
Dulls against nature,
Tapering off,
And becoming obsolete.
Now it is just the lotus,
And the swaying of the palm fronds.
I channel into the display,
Of a warm breeze and night sounds,
Like a harpsichord,
A symphony of gentle chaos.

Melissa Beavers is still in college, with plans to graduate in May 2007 with a degree in Finance and Accounting, but her heart is in the art of writing. She is a freelance writer, with work recently accepted for publication in Advocate, PKA's Publication and Ceremony, and she considers writing to be her truest form of expression. She gathers her inspiration from nature, especially the ocean. She has just recently taken writing very seriously and aspires to use her abilities in her future career decisions.


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