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Katrina Bauer
Winter Mourning

The first snow fell months ago.
It is to the point now
that when I try to walk
I sink to the knee.
The worst part is
hearing the crunch
as I break through
the first layer that has crusted.

The sun is never our for long.
And when it is,
my breath becomes angry.
It attacks my lungs
in an effort to get back to warmth.

It hurts to breathe.
It hurts to listen
to the silence.
It hurts to see
the darkness.

It hurts to be here
without you.

Katrina Bauer is a born and raised, small town, Minnesotan. She is a woman who strives to find beauty in everyday life and transcribe it into art. Katrina has been published, most recently, in the book The Soul’s Bright Home.

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