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Poems By Andrew Baer

Dog Star


“A second death postponed.”


You, love, are the bend in a dune of kuro black sand.

A powder shot of light through a well water prism, passing, as a delicate wish-


And the moments,



                                                Of me-


Lying on a bleached mattress in a room of mirrors


in the heart of an evening star,

To its pulse,

        Its ballad,

                                Its syrup whisper-



An echo of a god,

                Whose bones I find stitched into the palm of your hand,

                                Where the world exists without shadows or shade,


And where I- I- can finally lie down,

                Feel what it means to be,

                                And die.





Shedding Asphalt


“Beyond, exhaustion is a full tank.”


You can fall into me, or-

You can fall out of me,

If that’s what you need,

To save yourself

                From the pain of growing up

                               And growing, old,

Of finding familiar faces

                Become stranger than

                                The faceless ghosts in bus windows,

                Rotting puddles,

And abandoned shops on half-drained streets,

Where the lamplight doesn’t fall like it used to,

As snow does, in pounds of robed sound,

Instead, dipping into the asphalt like lipstick to a worn valley doll

And printing long shadows where your young feet

Once pounded down warm avenues

That seemed to glow like the edge of a peacock lantern at midnight

Hanging above the sill of a cabana

where two lovers sweep amber skin

                               with laurel feeling, lost-

But known, by us,

The ecstasy of being- alive.


But are you, are we, anymore really?

You’re past is growing further than your tomorrow,

And the sun doesn’t rise were it used to,

But love, with you, with me,

I don’t mind the dusk,

                The shadows,

                               The nightfall,

                Or the tomb,

Where you and I can lie, within, together-

                                    nec plus ultra.



AE Baer is a recent graduate of George Mason University currently teaching English in South Korea.  He has previously published work with Caper Literary Magazine, Apollo's Lyre, and The Fourth Dimension Blog.


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