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Poems By Amara Williams
San Francisco

Exiting the plane
The fog slowly settles upon your body
Becoming a second skin
A thousand worlds braided together
Wandering souls
Walking, biking, sinking, sailing
Down Mission Street
Hello young miss or
Hola chica bonita
But the smiles are the same
A cascade of endless rainbows
On doors and windows
As you pass through Castro
Tiny doll-like houses
Kiss each other
Singing their wild bright colors
Sunlight dances with the waves
That beseech you to join them
Even if you donĒt like the ocean
Women are crying on the walls
Their pain is brushed on by someoneĒs hand
A hundred years later with colors of
Heartbreak, tragedy,
Courage and strength
You board the plane home
But a piece of you has been left behind
A keepsake borrowed by a wandering spirit


Amara Williams lives in San Jose California with her wonderful son and loving husband. Besides reading and writing poetry, she has a healing practice where she helps people heal through different energy systems. She enjoys home-schooling her 4 year old son and spending time with family and friends. She is currently editing her first chapbook, to be released late 2008.

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