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Poems By Cecilia Austin
see me

she says I’m sorry
because sometimes there are too many
fingernails to clean
and too much skin to wash.

she doesn’t know
if truth is good
when scrubbed like that, only
it begins to resemble her sadness.

so she goes away
and finds a room

she doesn’t hear the quiet tap,
she doesn’t see the blank windows;

she hears her own voice
and sees this space inside

where the bags are unpacked
and the clothes are shifted
to the side.

Cecilia Austin is a Filipino currently residing in San Francisco, California. She likes sleeping late and waking up early to maximize her staring time at her husband’s sleeping figure. Her work has appeared in The
Makata* and in Debris magazine. *as Cecilia Borromeo

Copyright 2007  Chantarelle's Notebook