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Poems By Terry Angelo



I tried to follow your watery footsteps
on the surf's edge
before the next wave came
and erased all traces
of our last conversation
We held hands and looked
like a couple in love talking
about what's for dinner or
your latest game of golf

Instead, you told me
I wasn't a good fit anymore
Your world had grown
and mine shrank-you needed
a larger size, someone
who would inspire you
to do great things

I told you about my vision
of going back to the beginning-
the big bang itself
If I could be there for a nanosecond
and take just one step
I'd literally walk across the universe
before becoming star dust
and you'd still be here
looking for inspiration

Terry Angelo is a native New Yorker who has had a very untypical type of life. She has spent many months backpacking in the deserts of the USA and across northern Mexico. She has worked various jobs from the ridiculous to the mundane and currently is a clinical administrator at a major burn center. She now lives a quiet life in the suburbs of Long Island with her husband and two dogs. Terry has a poem featured in the current edition of niederngasse.com called 'Second Hand Breath' which deals with death in a dysfunctional family. One of her favorite pieces, 'Road Refrain', will be the showcase poem in the mid-June issue of portalpoetry, and a poem she wrote on women's rights abuses, 'The Rape of Venus' will be appearing in the August issue of The Cynic Magazine.


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