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Thanks for your patience, as we had to wade through many submissions to finally bring you Issue #36, which is our first issue of 2015! This year also marks the 10th anniversary of Chantarelle's Notebook. Do we have anything planned? Well, you'll find out.

Chantarelle's Notebook is on Facebook, where you can find out more about us, the latest CN news and you can find other poets networking, as well. Like us on Facebook today! You can also now find us on Twitter. We are @chantarellenb.


Bruce Niedt is a previous contributor to CN, as well as a former featured poet here. It's been nine years since Bruce was first featured here, and he's written a hell of a lot more since then. Ever prolific, Bruce has amassed an excellent body of work and we're happy to have him back. Want to read more about Bruce and check out his poems? Click on the Featured Poet button on the left menu.


All our print annuals are available for purchase through Maverick Duck Press. These collections include poems from the likes of Corey Mesler, Nanette Rayman, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Taylor Graham, Russell Rowland, Amber Decker, Corrine DeWinter, Steve Meador, Michael Keshigian and many others.

Also available from Maverick Duck are recent chapbooks by Chantarelle's Notebook contributors like Amber Decker's "True North", Bruce Niedt's "Twenty four by fourteen" and April Michelle Bratten's "Raw Dogs and Other Metaphors", as well as the latest chapbook from CN editor Kendall A. Bell "Siberia". Visit MDP for info on those books and many others.

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